Welcome to Eco Finish Pools

Eco Finish Pools Ireland is the sole Applicator of Ecofinish products in Ireland, including the revolutionary AquaBright pool coating. Having worked within the swimming pool industry for almost 30 years Mark Howlett, Co-Director, saw the huge benefits of this product and upon travelling to the UK and USA to carry out extensive research on this product decided it would be ideal for the Irish market.

Fully qualified, and ISPE pool engineers Mark and his team have long established experience in the construction and design of swimming pools both domestic and commercial. For decades swimming pools were coated in a silky brilliant white rubber-based paint finish. Besides the smooth texture and bright white look, this type of paint was known for durability against stains and imperfections. During the late 1980's, government regulations banned some of the most crucial ingredients for making this product maintenance free. New paints were no longer free from imperfections. Blistering, chipping, peeling and fading began to appear in as little as six months. This forced swimming pool builders in this region to switch to plaster finishes. Plaster has its own issues, in the form of a long and complicated start up process, staining, shrinking and cracking just to name a few.